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“The words “peace” and “war”, “security” and “fear” in life always go “hand in hand”. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more difficult to ensure your own safety or the safety of your loved ones. The point is not in the number of intruders who can encroach on life or property, but in the sophistication of their actions. To effectively solve this problem, a wide range of measures are required, combined with the aim of achieving maximum effect at the lowest cost.

The training system proposed by the authors allows not only to successfully solve security issues, but also contributes to the all-round development that is so necessary in our dynamically changing world. Professionalism, personal experience and a competent methodological approach make the system in demand in everyday life, because, among other things, a common basis and interconnections of hand-to-hand combat, shooting and psychology have been found. All this facilitates the assimilation of the material, simplifies preparation and makes it effective in practice."

Hero of Russia, veteran of the Alpha group


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