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An original Russian artist, works in the style of Ancient Rus. Was born in 1973. Graduated from the School of Animation and Cinematography, as well as from the Moscow University of Culture and Art with a degree in People's Artistic Culture. The artist's ideals are the realistic painting schools of Europe and Russia.

The artist considers Bilibin, Shishkin, Vereshchagin, Surikov, Aivazovsky, Vasiliev to be his teachers. Also, today the artist prefers such masters as Olshansky, Fomin, Yagodkina.

In 1993, the artist was demobilized from the army and began to actively study the history and culture of the Russian people, Slavic tribes and Indo-Europeans. What is called "paganism" became his main "horse" in his work. Nevertheless, paganism for him is not a "fetish", but the subject of a thorough systematic study from a scientific and cultural point of view. Author`s site

Andrey Guselnikov participated in the design of books, magazines and newspapers. He worked most fruitfully with the publishing house "White Alvy", where he illustrated such books as "Primordial Rus" (Guselnikov A.V., Udalova S.N.), "Pantheon of Indo-European Gods and the Pantheon" (Gudz-Markov A.V.) , "The Natural Pantheon of Slavic-Rus" (Guselnikov A.V.), "Terrible Tales" (Vasily Tikhov), "Svyatoslav Khorobre: ​​I'm Coming at You!" (Ozar), "The Ancient History of the Slavs and Slavyano-Russ" (E. Klassen), etc. Also, the artist designed a series of covers for the publishing house "EKSMO", collaborated with the magazines "Heritage of the Ancestors", "Athenaeus". His works were published in the art album and encyclopedia "Native Gods in the Works of Slavic Artists", as well as in the magazine "Russian Gallery of the XXI Century", etc.

Guselnikov developed from scratch and taught five design disciplines at Moscow State Forest University. At the moment she is working as a culturologist in a children's social center, where she is working out new design technologies with children. He arranges holidays, including Slavic ones, and has already held more than 15 weddings according to the Slavic canons.

Guselnikov A.V. is able not to repeat in search, to solve problems outside the box at different levels and in different directions.

The artist's collaboration with the SBOR was expressed in a series of illustrations for the educational and methodological manual "Combat Russian SBOR System", which was released in 2011. The original, bright, emotional works of the master undoubtedly adorned the edition.

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