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An interesting article on the столетие.ru site about the collection system, dedicated to the Day of Special Forces (October 24). It was written, I believe, with heart and sincere concern for the combat capability of the Russian army and special forces in particular. 


 “In fact, the classic special-purpose scouts are not at all of a heroic physique, they are rather lean, short, but very hardy. And it should be added - for the most part, they are very smart. Perhaps that is why the spetsnaz intelligence officers were the first in Russia to revive the Russian martial art, or, to be more exact, SBOR - "the Russian combat system". The training of soldiers according to "secret" and very ancient methods was carried out in Russia both before the revolution of 1917 and after it. But it was possible, oddly enough, to create a comprehensive school of Russian combat skills only in the bad and dashing nineties of the twentieth century. Indeed, there is a silver lining."

You can read it in full here. 

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