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Every day it becomes more dangerous to walk the streets. Drug addicts, thieves, and just punks lie in wait for a peaceful citizen on every corner not only in the evening, but also during the day.

In this regard, we will consider several ways to protect yourself from a pack of street cubs with such weapons, the possession of which does not contradict the norms of criminal law, but at the same time is quite an effective means of self-defense. These household items are sold in hardware stores, are inexpensive, and do not require special licenses to purchase and carry. They are quite legal, which was the determining factor in choosing them as weapons.

Take, for example, a tourist hatchet, at first glance an absurd and inconvenient device designed to facilitate the camping life of tourists in the forest. Using a hatchet for self-defense with some skill is quite possible.

First of all, remove the massive rubber nozzle, mistakenly called a handle. You will hardly need to cut electric wires under voltage, and this foreign object will interfere very much. Now you have in your hands was a lighter, though not very elegant device with a convenient grip flattened metal tube. The uneven paint that covers it protects the palm from slipping and does not retain fingerprints; in this case, you are not afraid of any examination. In addition, the narrow, smooth handle does not cling to anything, which saves a lot of time when getting the weapon out from under your clothes. In combat, fractions of a second can be crucial.

Another nice discovery is the improvement in the balancing of the axe. Now it's flying straight at the target, thank our designers! From the police, if you are suddenly stopped on the street and searched, it is also easy to get away: they say, I am taking a hatchet to the dacha or, on the contrary, home – to chop the bones for soup, and the handle has long been lost, so you have to do without it. Why is the axe stuck in the belt? So it is more convenient to carry, not in the sleeve to shove it?! For the same reason, you should not carry two axes, although as a pair of weapons, it is simply beautiful. To explain the lack of handles on both axes at once will be difficult.

It is most convenient to carry an axe behind a belt on the left side along the hip. Why on the left and not on the right? The fact that men's clothing is fastened left – to-right, so the right hand weapon to get much easier (women, of course, Vice versa).

A hatchet can be used at any distance: when you grip the blade at all; when you grip the middle handle on average as a throwing weapon – by far.

Extraction of the axe is performed by grasping the index and middle fingers at the bottom of the blade with a jerk to the right-up. Holding it in this position, you can poke the opponent with the end of the handle in the face, or apply a lashing blow with the handle from the side. It is also possible to intercept the middle of the handle with the left hand and apply slashing blows or jabs with the upper edge of the blade in the face, or intercept the handle at the blade itself and attack as if with brass knuckles. A sharpened blade that precedes the fist, a terrible weapon: it cuts through the bridge of the nose, crushes the bones of the skull and ribs, in short, everything that comes in its way. The upper edge of the blade can be used to inflict fatal blows to the temple on either side, and the edge of the blade-cuts on the skin of the opponent's face to demoralize him. In addition to sharp blows, the handle is very convenient to make pokes in the body, increasing the impact of the other hand.

Do not forget that the best weapon is the one that the enemy does not see. If the attacker significantly exceeds you in height, or makes a bet on fist strikes, it is appropriate to attack him on the lower level, holding the hatchet behind the knee with a grip on the middle of the handle. From this starting position, it is not difficult to make a quick circular swing with a step, slightly crouching, hitting the knee joint with the upper edge of the blade.

In life-threatening situations, for example, when there are several opponents and they are extremely aggressive, there is no choice but to use the most brutal measures of self-defense. In such a situation, it is advisable to work with a grip on the middle of the handle, dealing slashing blows to the head and blocking the attacking limbs with knocking blows, trying not to let the enemies get closer than the distance of the outstretched hand to avoid grabs. If you are still pinched for clothing, and even yanked on yourself, apply counter-punches with the end of the handle in the torso, neck or face, depending on what is closer. Remember that the shortest line between two points is a straight line, not an arc. In a street fight, everything is decided by time, ahead of the enemy, you will win the fight. If you are grabbed by the hand with a weapon, try to immediately free yourself either by a jerk, or by hitting the other hand on the opponent's hand, knocking down the grip. With a looping motion of the hatchet, you can move the attacking limbs to the side, clinging to them with the lower edge of the blade.

Do not forget that in addition to the hatchet, you still have hands and feet that can also be used to counterattack. Don't get caught up in one weapon, remember that you should own it, not you. In a fight against several attackers, it is not necessary to be particularly humane, but if it is possible not to kill hooligans, you should limit yourself to crippling blows. One fracture is enough to cool the ardor of the fiercest aggressor. It is quite possible that the others will calm down when they see their accomplice screaming in pain. A slight blow to the collarbone or hand with a heavy sharpened piece of iron will ensure reliable disabling of the enemy, and a demonstration of readiness to give a decisive rebuff will stop even a notorious idiot.

Minor deafening blows are more reasonable to apply with the butt. At the middle distance-a grip on the middle of the handle, at the near-semicircular movement, as if hitting the head with the joint of the thumb.

About the same way you can wield an ordinary hammer. At the same time, it should be taken into account that unlike an axe, it does not produce a chopping, but a crushing effect, so it is desirable to strengthen it with a longer (forty centimeters) handle.

Due to its considerable weight (about 800 grams), the hatchet is a powerful throwing weapon with a high penetration capacity. For the same reason, it is slow enough to gain speed, so that the enemy can have time to evade. However, when throwing after the hatchet is not enough. Throwing is performed from behind the head. Hold the lower half of the handle, with the thumb resting on the back of the handle, the other fingers holding the axe from below. Avoid excessive tension of the fingers and pinning the hand in the elbow and shoulder joint.

The throw is unlikely to need to be made at a distance of more than ten or fifteen steps. The streets of the city reduce the scale of fighting, so you should focus on a distance of seven to ten meters and use an effective throwing technique that allows you to increase the speed of flight, accuracy and force of impact due to the range of the throw. A short-distance throw, with a hip twist, is performed as follows. Having a right hand with arms behind your head, you're making a push from behind standing with her right foot, rolling in the turning of the hips to the left, turn the body to the left and smoothly accelerating movement of the hand forward. With your thumb nail, you aim at the opponent, releasing the hatchet at the moment of full straightening of the leg standing behind. At the same time, the front leg accounts for about 75% of your body weight, so you need to pay attention to maintaining balance. The balance will ensure high accuracy of hitting the target. The throw is made in one smooth, but rapid movement, while the axe should be like an extension of your hand, and the axis of the handle coincides with the axis of the forearm. Throwing an axe at a long distance (or on the run) is distinguished by bringing forward the right leg and turning the body to the left ninety degrees relative to the goal.

Make a throw with a loud shout. Shouting, howling, and other loud sounds are generally useful in a street fight, as they frighten the enemy. One or two blows with the handle, plus a powerful acoustic impact – this may be enough to make the attackers run away, believing that it is more expensive to get involved with a psychopath.

Talking about the hatchet, it is impossible not to remember another short weapon of chopping action, so beloved in domestic military units – a small sapper shovel. How harmless it looks in the hands of a gardener who is improving a flower bed, so terrible in hand-to-hand combat: a sharpened blade can easily cut the throat, split the skull in half, remove the fingers from the hand, and a strong poke in the stomach to make the opponent harakiri.

It is most convenient to carry the spatula on a belt in a canvas cover, equipped with a flap with a button closure at the end of the exhaust strap, a jerk for which makes the spatula jump directly into the hand.
Mention should be made of the concealed retention of improvised self-defense weapons. Even if the enemy knows that you have a weapon, but does not see it, it is incomparably easier to strike a successful blow than when it is in full view. The frightened opponent tracks it with his eyes and tries to Dodge, not letting you get closer. It is better to hide your wand for the time being, holding it either behind your leg if you plan to attack from the side or from below, or behind your free hand-for straight – forward and top – down strikes.

Often circumstances do not allow you to carry large-sized weapons. You will have to do with a less powerful, but still quite effective tool – a screwdriver. It is not as impressive as a hatchet, does not allow you to keep the enemy at a distance, but it is convenient for hidden carrying, for example, in the sleeve. By plugging it under the watchband, the screwdriver can be used instantly, as soon as it is necessary.

A screwdriver bought in a hardware store should be sharpened a little, sharpening its stinger, but in no case narrowing it from the sides, so that the policeman, if he finds this tool in your pocket, will not have any suspicions. The need to sharpen a screwdriver is easily explained by showing a pair of screws with a very narrow slot, which it is desirable to stock up in advance and carry with you.

Of course, it is not easy to break through a thick layer of clothing with such a wide blade, but you should not forget about this and hit it hard, that's all. And imitation of law-abiding, but with a weapon in your pocket, will help you avoid trouble from both hooligans and authorities (by the way, it is not known what is worse).

Stabbing blows should be applied very quickly, so that the enemy considers the weapon only after he has already received a couple of holes in the skin. Instant removal of the screwdriver is more convenient to make from the left sleeve in the way described above, for which it should be placed there at the slightest threat, preferably unnoticed. It's better to be safe than to pay for your carelessness for the rest of your life by spending your disability pension on medication. Removing the weapon from the sleeve and injecting it should take no more time than a quick clap of the hands. In a critical situation, your life depends entirely on speed.

Given the fact that high-precision fencing is more appropriate in a warm and bright gym, rather than in a snow-covered alley, forever immersed in darkness, we will not focus on practicing blows to the most vulnerable points: the heart, liver, throat or eyes. Hit where your heart desires, best of all in the torso-so as not to miss. One blow to the peritoneum of a person, in principle, is enough. The sensation of a stab wound, they say, is very unpleasant: a sharp burning pain, and if a large blood vessel is damaged, then, in addition, weakness (i.e., the opponent falls off his feet).

Street punks who want to attack you will quickly change their minds when their friend yells that you used a knife. They attack, as a rule, in the dark, so they will not look closely at what size your knife is, or if there is one at all. Most likely they will pull in all directions – gopniki are a timid people. All you have to do is stab the one who was closer, and if possible, another one (who will be within reach), so that he does not go to your ear in a hurry, immediately not really understand how cool you are. The first injured person will not scream immediately, but in two or three seconds, if he does not fall into shock at all, so we must strive to protect ourselves as much as possible. It is also desirable not to have anyone behind your back – they will hit you with something weighty on the back of your head and the Khan. So if you are caught in the ring, hit the nearest one and jump back, so as not to leave the "shoulder" distance to strike. It's not a bad idea to yell yourself: "The knife! Knife! " without waiting for others to do it for you. In short, sow panic in the ranks of the enemy.

If instead of panic there is, let's say, confusion, do not believe you immediately and do not run away, but simply increase the circle to navigate and attack again, continue the psychological attack, reminding the enemy of their terrible fate: "Bastards, goats, I will CUT! I'll CUT them all, bitches!" By then, perhaps, the first cropped voice will give proof of your indisputable correctness, which will convince your friends to leave before it's too late. If you fail to scream, and the hooligans in a fit of drunken prowess decide to be a hero, you will have no choice but to continue the fight to the death. There is nothing to be shy about, they will probably tear you apart for their own. This is especially famous for provincial punks. They don't care if they hit someone drunk and then serve their time.

Street fighting does not involve intricate feints and beautiful "movie" techniques. While you are standing, rather than lying down, they will most likely hit you with their hands, which requires opponents to approach the appropriate distance (less than half a meter). Here you have an advantage: the screwdriver increases the radius of destruction, while the enemy's is limited by the length of the clenched hand. Again, don't forget about your own hands and feet. Strikes can be caught or repelled; the first attacker can be yanked at and, poking him in the side with a screwdriver, held in front of him, using as a shield. If you have somewhere to run, run immediately. If there is no place (say, you were caught in the parade), and to fight flock, apply quick shots from the waist, trying to snuggle back against the wall, not allowing to grab ourselves by the clothes, especially hand guns. Fight back also with your feet, shout, in a word, put the attackers on the conveyor like "take away the ready-made". In any case, do not allow more than one person to enter the affected area, so as not to form a small pile. Otherwise, they will be crushed, disarmed, and killed.

It may turn out that you are not the only one with a weapon, and the attackers also have one. But even in this case, you should actively fight for life, parrying the enemy's attacks with your left hand and striking back with the tip of a screwdriver at the enemy's armed limb. In a closed space, the battle will not last long – as the distance decreases, the speed and frequency of exchange of blows between opponents increases, so use your weapons without sparing your strength. Either you will win, or you will be defeated, but you will not have time to run out of steam in any case. Putting your left hand under the blows, remember that you have two hands, and one life. Most animals prefer to stay without a paw, but to escape from the trap, and you just have to win back your life at any cost.

In the event of a successful outcome of the defensive campaign, you will face a new task: to protect yourself from the punishing sword of justice, which strikes both the right and the guilty so that the hair stands on end. And although citizens are now allowed to use methods of active self-defense, we should never forget that the law is like a drawbar-where it turned, there it went. It is likely that the parents of the injured representative of the "Golden youth" have good contacts in the relevant authorities. In this case, it will suddenly turn out that no one attempted to kill you, and you yourself suddenly attacked the peacefully Smoking company. Therefore, think three times about whether to contact the police, especially if you were attacked far from your home, by strangers, and even without witnesses. In this scenario, you need to carefully examine the scene, "clean up" if possible all your tracks, and dump far away, on the way to get rid of the object of self-defense. It is better to throw it in some reservoir or in a garbage can, poking deeper, so that it does not Shine in plain sight. By the way, there will be no prints of papillary lines of the palm on the band-aid-wrapped handle, which will make it impossible to conduct a fingerprint examination.

At home, you should immediately put yourself in order. It is better to throw away clothes or clean them immediately, paying attention to the sleeves, which in such situations get dirty the most. Any dirt, while fresh, is easily washed off, blood is no exception. With your own wounds, if they are found, but do not turn out to be serious, you should deal with yourself, so as not to go to the emergency room, where an experienced doctor will easily determine their origin, and then the district police officer will be interested in you. * Doctors of trauma centers and clinics are required to report any suspicious cases to the appropriate authorities at the patient's place of residence, and in special cases have the right to call the police*.

If you can't cope with your injuries on your own, go to the doctor and honestly admit everything to the police, but do not forget to ask your loved ones to find a good lawyer. It is desirable to have the latter among your friends, so that you can contact him without delay. And then after all, instead of "Crime and punishment" it may well turn out "guilty Without guilt".

(based on the materials of «Энциклопедии безопасности» Громова В.И. и Васильева Г.А., Москва, 1998).


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