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To avoid getting into an unpleasant situation, learn to anticipate it.  It is wiser to avoid conflict at an early stage, and if you enter it, then only with a firm confidence in your right to win.

In any potentially dangerous places – whether it is a vacant lot, a dark street, a native entrance, an Elevator – gather, triple your vigilance. If you have a self-defense device with you, prepare it in advance. If not, try to avoid this danger zone or avoid it as carefully and quickly as possible.

The truth is very simple – Superman is not the one who, having received a brick on the back of the head, will not even notice it, but the one who will not get into a situation where you can introduce your head to this brick.

In our time, you can never relax – even on a dark street, even at the door of your apartment. When a person does not want to strain to control the situation around them, the attacker feels it immediately and will not deny himself the pleasure of making you a victim. But if you keep yourself prepared for possible stress, you will easily understand that they want to attack you. Because aggression often hangs on a person's tongue – swearing, swearing, threats. On the face of the attacke – a characteristic brutal facial expression, and the hands are drawn to you, trying to grab. But most importantly, it crosses an invisible line and invades your personal zone, where only the people closest to you enter.

This is clearly an act of aggression. Now don't pull – hit first! This is very difficult psychologically, and you need to prepare yourself for this turn in advance, so that in a critical situation you do not hesitate for a long time. We assessed the situation as potentially dangerous for your health and immediately – a response to aggression. Blow, another blow.

Or you can do it in another way. A muddy subject approaches and asks a question. Don't stop your movement. If it gets in your way, go around it, keeping a safe distance. Something asks, such as "let me smoke", "how long", etc. – the answer is short, monosyllabic – "I don't smoke", "no clock". And resolutely move away from the problem, with a determination on your face to fight back on occasion.

As soon as it became clear that the attack could not be avoided, we must attack! And to beat without fuss, in the right place – in the knockout zone, and at the right moment, of course.

There are several very effective, painful, and at the same time quite safe for the life and health of the attacker techniques that allow you to quickly disable it and give time to leave the place of conflict. We try first of all to hit the eyes, genitals (perineum, groin) and the knee area. Exactly in this order.

By the eyes – the enemy will not be able to see us.

In the groin – will bend, perhaps, will not be able to stand.

In the knee – will get difficulties in movement, will not run after you, will not be able to beat you with your feet.

But it is better not to aim at the throat, because you can break the trachea, Adam's Apple, even kill. Then figure out if the defense was really necessary.

Often, during a sudden attack, the level of the body's combat reflexes drops significantly. Often much of what a person has worked out with training is lost. But this will not happen if you are subconsciously prepared for conflict and combine the strength of your trained body with the strength of your spirit.

In order for the blow to be successful, and not just anger the opponent, it must be applied at lightning speed and at the right point. Blows are applied: fingers, fists, knee, open hand, elbow, leg.

It is better to hit or press on the eyes with the tips of your thumbs. At the same time, the opponent gets a sharp pain in the eyes and the fear of losing sight. If you press too hard, you may experience a painful shock with loss of consciousness, sometimes-cardiac arrest.

Punches to the groin are one of the most effective self-defense techniques against a man. It is accessible from any distance and causes unbearably severe pain to the point of unconsciousness. It is applied with the edge of the palm, knee, leg, or fist.

The knee is more of a sensitive area than a vital one, but a blow to the knee is no less effective in self-defense. Blows are applied with the foot and cause severe pain. Serious injuries may occur if the impact is severe.  The kick to the knee should be performed correctly – from the knee raised high and until the leg is fully straightened. The higher the leg is raised – the stronger the impact.

List of the most vulnerable places of the human body

Temple – severe damage (possible fracture of the flat bones of the skull and rupture of brain vessels). Disorientation.

Eyes – severe pain.

Bridge of the nose – severe pain. Possible pain shock up to loss of consciousness.

Carotid artery – pain shock with loss of strength without loss of consciousness.

Larynx – possible fracture of cartilage, suffocation.

Chin – from a strong blow pain shock with loss of consciousness.

Clavicle – a broken clavicle.

Solar plexus – with a strong blow – respiratory arrest, inability to continue the attack, until loss of consciousness.

Liver – with a strong blow, the liver may rupture and internal bleeding.

Lower abdomen-Shock, up to loss of consciousness.

Knee – Damage to the joint bag. As a result, it is impossible to carry out active actions.

Lower leg – Sharp pain, with a strong blow, a fracture of the lower leg is possible.

Foot lift – sharp pain, fracture of the tubular bones of the foot.

The base of the skull is a severe head injury with a displacement of the skull.

The upper cervical vertebra is a state of Shock, with a strong impact, the displacement of the vertebra up to loss of consciousness.

Kidneys – with a strong impact, the organ may rupture, severe bleeding.

Coccyx – with a strong blow, sharp pain, fracture of the coccyx.

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