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Now there is a widespread trend: under the mask of police officers, prosecutors, state security hide hardened criminals. Therefore, in our difficult times, you can not blindly believe anyone who pretends to be a human rights defender, even if this person is in uniform and shows a certificate. 

Let's talk about such cases.

So, you are sitting in front of the TV in the evening, suddenly the doorbell rings, and your "who is there?" is heard: "the police". You crouched at the peephole, but the landing is dark, as usual, and you can't really see anything. Well, throw a chain (it should be of special strength and attached not to small screws, but to more massive screws) and only after that, opening the door, politely ask the visitors to show their IDs in an expanded form – so that you can compare the photos on the documents and the faces of the guests. Also find out what police Department they are from. Offer to wait a couple of minutes outside the door and call the operational duty officer of the Department. Ask them if they have such employees. Are. You can go back to the door and let them in. And then you are told that they came to search.

In principle, citizens do not have the right to interfere with the search. But, first of all, there are many cases when under the guise of a search of the apartment simply "cleaned", and then it turned out that the certificate was false, the form was bought for the occasion, and the names of "policemen" on duty did not hear. Secondly, the concept of "arbitrariness" has not yet lost its relevance in our far from legal state. Therefore, do not forget about certain legal aspects that protect your interests.

Any reader of detective novels knows that the search must be authorized by the Prosecutor. This is not an abstract concept. This is an official document called the "search Order". It is printed on a special letterhead made by printing (no photocopies!), in the upper-left corner must be the signature of the Prosecutor and the seal of the relevant Prosecutor's office. You have every right to demand (and must do so) that this document is presented to you. Better, too, through the chain, even before entering the apartment.

Legal subtlety: the authorization is issued for a search in a specific room. If it is given for a search in the apartment – you can only search the apartment. To search a garage or dacha, you need a separate authorization.

The search must take place in the presence of witnesses. This is a very significant detail, because criminals who "work" for the police do not need extra witnesses. So ask "guests" while they are outside the door to invite witnesses. Preferably neighbors or other people you know at least by sight. By the way, witnesses have the right to record their opinion on how the search took place.

The current rules require that the search is carried out carefully, each item is put in place or brought back to its previous state. For example, if the back wall of the TV was removed, it should be screwed back on. If the skirting Board was removed, it should be re-nailed. Law enforcement officials know this very well. So, if things during the search are scattered and disassembled, without caring about maintaining order, you have reason to suspect that the apartment is being used by "the wrong people".

The Protocol on conducting a search is drawn up on a special form, all the seized items and documents are specified in it. You and the witnesses should be asked to sign the Protocol.

If, after all, during the search, it became clear to you that there is no police in the apartment, choose the lesser of two evils. In no case do not let the criminals know that you have "figured them out" – it is better to lose money than life. Do not raise a shout, do not start a fight, do not grab a weapon if you see that the force is not on your side. Do not try to lock yourself in the bathroom or toilet, and there, say, Bang on the pipes. It is not difficult to extract a person from there, but the consequences can be sad. Instead of such nonsense, try to remove children and other family members from the apartment under any pretext, and when the fake police officers leave, immediately contact the police Department. Try to clearly remember the appearance and special signs of criminals.

* * *

Meeting with criminals "mowing under the cops" is possible on the street. Therefore, a few explanations. Do not hesitate to request that the certificate in its expanded form be held in front of your eyes for a longer time. On the original certificate of the Ministry of internal Affairs (FSB, Prosecutor's office) the position of its owner, corresponding signatures and seals, and the employee in the photo – in the form are indicated. Documents of this kind are always printed on special paper, with a certain protective grid. It is indicated for which year and date they are valid. If the document is shown fleetingly, immediately alert, ask to repeat the first and last name, title, position.

If there is a uniform on the person who came up, examine it carefully. The form is a serious matter, the Charter strictly defines how it should look, no liberties are allowed. If, for example, sneakers are visible from under the uniform trousers, you can immediately assume that something is wrong here.

In the event that the people who stopped you claim to be arrested, ask them for a resolution on the measure of restraint. It must also be on a letterhead, authorized by the Prosecutor, and stamped by the Prosecutor's office.

Let's assume that the documents or appearance of people who presented themselves as law enforcement officers raised doubts. Don't scream, don't resist. Politely offer to go with them to the nearest police station, where, they say, we will sort it out together. That is to pass, with your own feet, without sitting in any cars, if you go, then in your car, with your driver at the wheel. Or call out to any police officer you meet and ask them to double-check the documents of those who are trying to detain you. But in both cases, be careful: once you doubt the authenticity of the detention, you can expect a physical attack at any time.

* * *

On the road, the driver, of course, must obey the traffic police. No one disputes this. And yet: if you feel that your persona has recently attracted increased interest from some strange types... If the "traffic COP" stops your car for no reason, and the place where it happens, convenient for the attack... If it's late and there's no one around... If there are any other factors that cause you doubt and anxiety...

Take a chance! Do not obey the request to stop, go to the nearest traffic police post (or regional police Department) and explain the situation there. Paying a fine, even losing your driver's license for a while, is much preferable to being a hostage (especially a corpse), falling into the hands of bandits.

(based on the materials of «Энциклопедии безопасности» Громова В.И. и Васильева Г.А., Москва, 1998)


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