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In 1987, on the basis of the Krasnodar higher rocket school, the "Center of Slavic skill" was organized. In April 1994, the Ministry of Defense decided to form a Training Center for training officers using the methods of the Russian combat system. On September 1 of the same year, the Center accepted the first group of officers for training. The results of the training exceeded all expectations. At the beginning of 1995, the Center's specialists were engaged to solve problems in the North Caucasus.

In 2002, according to the decision of the management, the training activities of the center were discontinued. Specialists have been laid off. But the officers of the Krasnodar Center did not give up the case, which was dedicated to the years of army service. Leading expert in hand-to-hand combat, V.P. Danilov rented a gym and attracted a group of people who wanted to engage in Russian hand-to-hand combat. Thanks to his skill and available methodological skills, he quickly gained popularity not only in the city, but also in other regions of Russia, as a master of martial arts, and his students achieved significant success in hand-to-hand combat.

From the most able students grew the first instructors, who continued to promote the ideas of collecting In other regions of Russia.

The counter-terrorism operation in the Chechen Republic required a comprehensive training of fighters. Many of the officers who were trained at the Krasnodar center recommended that their commanders take advantage of the rich experience of V. Danilov and his colleagues at the former "Center of Slavic skill". This gave a powerful impetus to the formation of disparate ideas about the combat system in a single coherent structure.

In 2004, the official name of the system SBOR appeared, as an abbreviation of the capital Russian letters of the Russian Combat System.

The founders of the System of Combat Russian "SBOR" Vladimir Pavlovich Danilov and Vyacheslav Leonidovich Dmitriev are tirelessly working on the development of the System, its popularization and promotion in Russia and abroad.

SBOR is a living organism, constantly moving along the path of progress and improvement in the light of the urgent requirements of modern life. Borned in the depths of the secret service and used for years to train special forces, the SBOR System has been adapted for a wide range of people of various professions. The creators of the system are constantly improving it on the basis of new sports, medical, methodological, scientific and technical achievements.

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