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Definition of the SBOR System

What is SBOR?

This is the Combat Russian System. The name of the System comes from the first Russian letters of its name. Why exactly the System, and not a martial art like karate, aikido, wushu, or not a sport like boxing or sambo?

At first, art, i.e. action striving for harmony and perfection is rather the exception than the rule for the modern conditions of war and conflicts of everyday life. The era of knightly duels is over for modern conditions, it is typical for one fighter to clash with several opponents, or a group with a group, and almost always not of the same size. And this clash is devoid of the concepts of decency and any rules.

Secondly, the issues solved by the System and the ways of their solution go beyond the highly specialized framework and are in mutual dependence, making up a single whole from, at first glance, different and incompatible things.

Why combat?

Because in a rather narrow sense of the word "combat" – ie. associated with armed confrontation, military actions – the creators put in a deeper philosophical meaning. One of the basic laws of philosophy – the unity and struggle of opposites – speaks of the struggle, that the very basis of the development of the material world and society is conflict, opposition. Any competition is a struggle Business is often called a war, not to mention those who, by the nature of their work, study and wage war. The quintessence of struggle, its highest form, in which the confrontation is brought to an extreme point – the desire to physically destroy the enemy, can be called a battle, it does not matter whether it takes place on a visible front or not. The system considers processes from the standpoint of struggle and achieving victory in it in the most beneficial way.

Why Russian?

Because the collective, which worked on the development and improvement of the combat experience of our ancestors, systematized and reworked what is already known to us on the basis of modern knowledge. The basis for the creation of the System is the historical continuity and use of the experience, primarily of the military, of the Russian people from the time of the birth of the first statehood in Russia to our times. The first people who were offered to master the System were the Russians. It is worth noting that, despite the name – "Russian", it is suitable for a person of any nationality and religion, as long as he is healthy and sufficiently educated, and accepts the attitudes laid down in the System. Having told about the name of the

System and deciphering the abbreviation, you can give a scientific definition of the System:

SBOR System – a set of rational psychological and biomechanical algorithms for actions in critical situations, united in order to achieve the required result with the lowest physical, mental and material costs.

The integrity of the System is manifested through connections that allow one to move from one action to another. By the nature of actions from avoiding conflict to defense, then to attack and the end or stop of the fight. In terms of the power of the impact – from words to impact with body parts, improvised means, stabbing and cutting objects (knives, edged weapons) and, finally, small arms. If necessary, you can attack first, using the effect of surprise and advantageous moment.

Functions of the System

The functions of SBOR include: o spiritual development of the individual based on the national worldview, history and culture. o general intellectual development, the development of creative thinking, the ability to analyze the situation and develop optimal solutions for each situation; o increasing the ability of the psyche to adapt and resilience in extreme situations; o physical development of a person using traditional, special and advanced forms and methods of training.

Interaction of the System with a person

The system interacts with the external and internal environment of a person.

In the external environment, we can talk about interaction in two directions: "man – nature" and "man – machine." When interacting along the "line of man – nature" is meant the ability to adapt to the natural environment, counteraction to unfavorable natural factors Interaction along the line "man – machine" characterizes the technological development of civilization.

Counteracting the external environment, a person not only adapted to it, but improved the tools that help him in this. These were instruments of labor and instruments of defense and attack. As the development proceeded, these funds themselves became the most important factor in the environment, including an aggressive one. Moreover, technical means (especially weapons) have become a threat not only to individual individuals, but to the entire civilization as a whole. In a social environment, we can talk about the interaction in the direction of "man – society" and "man – inner world".

Normal human life is possible only in society. The fairer and more harmonious it is, the fewer conflicts and the more civilized they are resolved. But today such a society remains a utopia, therefore, the ability to avoid conflicts and resolve them in their favor with minimal costs is the most important quality for survival in society. On the line "man – inner world" we are talking about the diverse physical and spiritual states of a person, including general physical health, the ability to feel and understand the needs of the body, reacting to them in a timely manner and correctly.

The area of ​​sensory and emotional perception also has a huge impact on the body and, like spiritual practices, are rethought in the context of the System. It turns out on the line "man – society", and "man – inner world" we are torn apart by centrifugal forces. Solving social problems and being in a constant pursuit of an ever-accelerating civilization, we have no time to look into ourselves and vice versa – going too far into the inner world, we begin to lose touch with the outside. The above is represented by a diagram in the form of a cross, in the center of which is a person. Man is a key element of the System. Once again, we want to remind you that any system is a set of interconnected parts, united in order to achieve a common goal into a single whole, the interaction between which is regular and orderly.

We deliberately move away from the word “style” in the name of the System. Style implies something individual. I would like to recall the statement of Bruce Lee: “There is no effective general segment. I want to say by this that I personally do not believe in the word "style". Why, since there are no human beings with three arms or four legs, structurally different from us, there can be no different fighting styles? Why? Because we have two arms and two legs. The important thing is how to use them with maximum effect. "

Hand-to-hand combat in the SBOR System

 It includes the skills of correct movement and quick warm-up, with a huge number of applied elements and a load on muscles that are not normally used in a normal state. Lower acrobatics, the ability to fall correctly, crawl, roll, the use of cold weapons and firearms are included in the training arsenal. There will be no thoughtless memorization of techniques. You will learn various rational actions using the mechanics of the human body. The system does not discard the skills that a person already has, but imposes on them rational principles of constructing a fight. The one who was engaged in boxing before will have slightly different actions than the one who was engaged in wrestling. Engaging in hand-to-hand combat in the System, you will master the conduct of a fight in a confined space, for example, in a trench, a trench or in a car, learn to use the moment of surprise, overcome obstacles, fall from a height and provide mutual assistance to a comrade.

Shooting in the SBOR system

Divided into two categories. The first is melee shooting, daring, instant, in which the magazine "takes off" in one and a half to two seconds. The second is classic, from a static position and maximum in accuracy To the stance used in hand-to-hand combat, the correct grip and hold of the weapon will be added. Lower acrobatics and movements are identical to those used in unarmed fights. A lot of work "idle", where the elements of shooting are being improved.

Shooting distances – from the distance of hand-to-hand combat to the sighting range of the weapon. Weapons – from combat to those permitted for sale to the population, depending on the profession of the trainee.

With the external dissimilarity of shooting and fighting without weapons, the general principles of biomechanics work great here.

Spiritual component

Built on the ancient Slavic and Orthodox traditions, the traditions of the Soviet era and modern combat experience, the study of the history of Russian victories and exploits. The use of the bioenergetic component is carried out using a strictly scientific approach. Finding the key attitudes for entering the optimal combat state is used for one's own stimulation and motivation.

We define this concept as "prayer making". The ability to see the entire combat volume, to determine one's own behavior is also largely determined by the spiritual core of a person. Knowledge of the reserve capabilities of one's body and the ability to use them in a critical situation is achieved in training physical and spiritual form.


It includes knowledge of the rules and the formation of skills necessary in the absence of the benefits of civilization. Cooking food from what surrounds us in nature and using the medicinal properties of plants and herbs makes a person ready for the difficulties of survival.

Nature is not alien to us. Having learned to interact with it, you get pleasure from the clean air, the coolness of the river, the beauty of the plains and mountains. Orientation according to local characteristics and subjects, the correct choice of the route, the construction of a camp – elements of classes according to the SBOR System. Hunting, fishing, practicing hand-to-hand combat on the ground, methods of movement and overcoming obstacles in equipment is an integral part of survival.

The combination of a person's individuality and knowledge gained in the SBOR System helps self-realization and harmonious development of the personality. This has been verified by life for at least a dozen years.

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