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We present to your attention the latest educational and methodological manual "Russian combat system SBOR".

Fans of the Combat Russian system SBOR, special forces specialists and people just beginning to understand the basics of this modern and extremely effective combat system, were looking forward to the publication of this manual.

The authors, of course, could not disappoint their expectations. The book was excellent. A lot of effort and money, creative efforts, time and effort have been invested in creating the manual.

The main goal is to meet not only the practical needs of the reader in mastering the disciplines of hand-to-hand combat and shooting, but also not to ignore the aesthetic side of the case.

Now a lot of books are published on the subject of hand-to-hand combat, but in addition to spectacular titles and rich promises, what do we see when we buy such crafts? Soft, nondescript cover, the cheapest paper, black-and-white printing, poor illustrations, poor print quality, plus often slurred content, tongue-tied and unprofessional.

Manual "Russian combat system SBOR" – a qualitatively different publication. Solid laminated cover, excellent printing, an abundance of color illustrations (about three thousand!). All pages of the book are colored, and there are a lot of these pages – 672! Clear visual division of the manual into sections, convenient font size, large photos illustrating the techniques of hand-to-hand combat. In short, everything is aimed at making the manual not only convenient, but also pleasant to use. (Examples of design can be found on our old site here... – just click on the banner on the right side).

And as for the content of the manual – here beautiful words are not particularly necessary. The SBOR system has been developed and refined for decades, and its combat effectiveness has been tested in many "hot spots" on the territory of the former Soviet Union and during counter-terrorism operations in the Caucasus. The people who created and developed the SBOR are real professionals who have been hardened in real combat operations. They are true enthusiasts of Russian martial arts, they are realists who live the same life as us, Russians, and, therefore, perfectly understand the basics of rapid and reliable development of the combat system for almost anyone, regardless of age, level of physical development and initial training. I think the miracles? Not at all! The  is built on SBOR scientific basis, at the intersection of many scientific disciplines-from human physiology to engineering psychology and ergonomics. SBOR is not a simple memorization of movements and techniques, as in other well-known systems, SBOR – this is a complex readiness of a fighter to correctly assess the situation, resolutely enter the battle and come out of it an undisputed winner. SBOR is a kind of ideology with its own philosophy, methodology and categories. It is not for nothing that the book pays considerable attention to the psychological factors of close combat, hand-to-hand combat, and preparing a person to meet the enemy.

The SBOR system is time-tested, constantly developing creatively and, of course, has a chance to become one of the most popular combat systems not only in Russia, but far beyond its borders.

Want to get acquainted with the system SBOR closer?

Wish to make friends or colleagues a wonderful gift?

Strive to keep your kid from bad classes, to strengthen his young, fragile body, to develop volitional qualities?

One way to become the owner of the new modern book "Russian Fighting System SBOR"!

Go back as early as possible on the path of health, strength and confidence!

And do not delay with the decision – the circulation is not rubber.


100% of owners of the new Tutorial of SBOR are satisfied with their purchase.
Tutorial of SBOR

Russian Combat System


  • It is exclusive in content and form
  • 672 full color pages on heavyweight paper
  • High-quality printing, hard cover
  • You can purchase two volumes at once or separately
  • Great editions and a great gift
  • You can order books by phone
    +7 918-440-54-35

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