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The long-awaited event for the entire community of SBOR was completed – the Second book of the educational and methodical manual "Russian SBOR Combat System" was published.

We hope that all supporters of the Combat Russian System – masters and beginners – will be happy to expand their knowledge and skills on the theoretical and practical foundations of the system, which, as they will be able to see, covers a much broader layer of knowledge than just hand-to-hand combat or shooting. The authors tried to convey the idea that SBOR is a complex system for ensuring personal security of a person in a complex modern world, often full of aggression, anger and ignorance. And the new SBOR book is a great tool to feel confident everywhere, in everything and always.

From the point of view of execution, the new manual "Russian Combat system SBOR. Book two" is traditionally a high-quality product. Solid laminated cover, excellent printing, plenty of color illustrations. All 672 pages of the book are colored. We deliberately made the second book in the same visual style as the first book, to once again emphasize their inseparability both in meaning and in methodological approaches.

Become a supporter of the system of Combat Russian "SBOR", develop skills, strengthen the spirit, form a stable psyche to tests, use the hidden capabilities of your own body. A reliable friend and wise adviser, who is always there, will be a training manual "Russian combat system SBOR".

If you want to have a complete set of manuals, we remind you that the first book is still available, it can always be purchased with the second book of SBOR,

Don't hesitate to ask. Always help.

Go firmly on the path of health, strength and self-confidence! 



100% of owners of the new Tutorial of SBOR are satisfied with their purchase.
Tutorial of SBOR

Russian Combat System


  • It is exclusive in content and form
  • 672 full color pages on heavyweight paper
  • High-quality printing, hard cover
  • You can purchase two volumes at once or separately
  • Great editions and a great gift
  • You can order books by phone
    +7 918-440-54-35

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