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Обзорная статья об истории и развитии русского воинского искусства и рукопашного боя на Руси. Думаю, будет полезна для общего развития всех, кто интересуется этим вопросом.


“The problem of self-identification has always been acute in Russia. Indeed, who are we? Descendants of warlike Scythians, proud Cimmerians or rootless meek tribes who were not able to create their own statehood? Western historians find it beneficial to represent our ancestors as savages, incapable of great achievements and victories. Unfortunately, the story, poisoned and distorted by versions alien to Russians, is firmly rooted in our brains. The art of war did not escape a similar fate. The art of war itself is as old as the history of war, and there is not a single nation that is unfamiliar with it. Russia, boiled in an interethnic cauldron on the border of a wild field and a forest, was no exception. The basis of the military art of antiquity was hand-to-hand combat ”. (Read completely...) 



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