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Interesting and instructive material on how to survive in the winter forest. Richly illustrated with photos and videos. 


“Many people, due to their duty or other circumstances, often have to visit nature, spend the night in hunting huts, huts, tents and open-air bonfires. These are primarily hunters, gamekeepers, game managers, foresters, geologists, survivalists ... Normal rest in "comfortable" conditions allows you to quickly restore your working capacity, protect yourself from hypothermia and many colds. An overnight stay in the forest in the open air in winter, possibly in severe frosts (up to -40 degrees and below), without exaggeration can be attributed to extreme circumstances. If such a situation cannot be ruled out, then you need to prepare for it with dignity and organize your overnight stay as comfortable as possible. Of course, this requires a good ax, a bow saw can facilitate the preparation. For an overnight stay, a number of bonfires have been invented, differing from each other in design and in their properties - brightness, intensity and constancy of heat transfer, efficiency, exactingness to the constancy of care and other things. The best winter bonfire is considered to be nodya, as the only bonfire that is characterized by the highest efficiency, uniform moderate combustion and the ability to self-regulate. The name is widely known, but many nodes call the wrong type of fire at all. 50 percent of the surveyed tourists, to the question "what is a node", do not answer correctly. However, I, too, until recently, was greatly mistaken about the node. Nodya is a bonfire of two logs 2-3 m long, placed horizontally one above the other with a small gap. Logs burn in a smoldering mode, which gives uniform, long-lasting heat. We get a long camping heater. which does not require supervision for a long time. He opened my eyes and showed in practice what a node is, an experienced tourist and the author of several articles, Dmitry Pshechenko. I will make a reservation right away that we did not make the node according to all the rules of a taiga overnight stay, but this did not prevent us from successfully spending the night in the winter forest. " (Read completely...)
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