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An entertaining article by Sergei Ptichkin in Rossiyskaya Gazeta with the subtitle "What new Russian weapons are they talking about today?"


“In addition to Bazhanov's laboratory, there was an even more secret part N 10003 in the General Staff, which was so closed that even the defense ministers practically did not know anything about it, since it was directly subordinate to the Chief of General Staff.

Created a unit and its permanent commander was Lieutenant General Alexei Savin. He managed to assemble a unique team that solved truly unsolvable problems. Combat parapsychology was one of the leading directions. At the same time, Savin refused from attempts to influence someone else's brain with the help of psychotronic generators. He developed the concept of the soldier of the future - not as an assassin biorobot, but as a Spirit Warrior. We managed to find a training algorithm that allowed an ordinary person to discover superpowers in himself. Such Warriors with a capital letter became invincible in any battle, even where weapons based "on new physical principles" would be used. It seems incredible, but the specialists who mastered the secrets of the system, which was later called the combat Russian, abbreviated as SBOR, could, for example, evade the enemy's "death rays", but they themselves were able to disable someone else's control system, even built on the latest digital technologies ".

The full article can be read here.

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