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What is waiting for us in the Elevator? How to behave if you are afraid of an attack in the Elevator? For starters, just don't go in there with a stranger.

If a stranger who does not inspire confidence is already in the Elevator you have called, do not enter the cab, call the Elevator again. And at the Elevator you are so cut off that you are not dragged forcibly into the cabin.

If you are waiting for the Elevator, and there is an unknown man standing on the side who does not seem to be going to use the Elevator, do not lose your vigilance: he may jump into the Elevator at the last moment, before closing the doors. It is best not to enter the Elevator with an outsider, but wait for other residents. If you find yourself in a cab with a suspicious stranger, press the button on the nearest floor instead of your own.

If you are attacked in the Elevator, forget about fear and indecision, shout, make a noise, knock on the walls of the cabin, press the button to call the dispatcher, resist in all possible ways, up to causing significant harm to the attacker.

If you are grabbed by the arms and pinned against the wall, sharply and briefly hit the attacker's nose with your forehead, then knee in the groin, while pulling his hands down. After freeing your hands, hit the attacker on the ears. Now, grabbing it with both hands by the ears, screw – like movement-in the side, on yourself and down-twist the body of the criminal until he is on the floor. Success depends on surprise, determination, and pressure. Remember that most criminals, paradoxically, are afraid of their victims.

If the Elevator doors open, try to jump out on the landing, call your neighbors for help with the noise and doorbells, or run outside. Once you are safe, call the police, tell them the signs and direction of the attacker's departure.

In the Elevator, tragedies occur, which are the fault of the victims themselves. You can not transport a child in a wheelchair in a passenger Elevator. It must be picked up in order to protect it from injury in the event of an emergency or a stop. Some manage to transport children in strollers with open internal doors in elevators of the old design (with a double door). Alas, there are cases when the handle caught on the stroller with the child was literally dragged into the mine.

Another important rule. Do not use the Elevator if there is smoke in your entrance or if there is a fire. It is enough to drive two or three floors, take just a few breaths, so that the Ambulance doctor then stated: poisoning by Gorenje products.

Homicidal maniac

Some believe that a maniac killer must have some special signs, distinctive features, and it is possible to recognize the rapist in advance. Unfortunately, this is not the case. According to experts of the research Institute of General and forensic psychiatry. Serbian, "Jack-Rippers" are only men, and they are almost impossible to recognize in the crowd. For the most part, they are recognized as sane, which means that they do not differ from others in behavior. Scientists determine that they have an attraction disorder. For example, there are "pyromanic people" who enjoy the sight of fire, so you can expect unpredictable dangerous arson from them. Many suffer from a disorder of sexual drives, accompanied by masochism, sadism, fetishism and other vices. Age – from 25 to 40 years. By profession, it can be anyone: an engineer, a doctor, a physical education teacher, or even a Prosecutor. For some unknown reason, "jackies" only appear in cities,

Each of the sophisticated killers has its own criminal handwriting, which with the help of a criminal psychologist manages to catch them. Sometimes criminal investigation uses the method of "bait fishing", if, of course, there are those who want to perform this risky role. This creates an image of the victim trying to attract attention.

The method of genetic fingerprinting of blood and semen of criminals is being introduced into practice. In Poland, a method of catching a sexual maniac was tested using an electronic computer, which recorded the data of thirty thousand men in memory.

In the meantime, the most proven and effective method of "hunting the wolf" remains: combing residential areas, setting ambushes in dark entrances and alleys, checking persons registered in mental hospitals, people previously convicted of sexual crimes…

There are many books written about aggressive sexual crimes in the world. The most famous of them, published in 1909 – "Sexual psychopathy" by the Austrian scientist Kraft-Ebbing. But these books, alas, are not available even for specialists. And so the simplest, and most reliable advice that seems to have saved many women from violent death: "Never enter the Elevator with a strange man!»

To this advice, some add: if a criminal tries to drag you into the Elevator by force, immediately raise a noise, fight with your hands and feet, bags and string bags, and, after escaping, call all the apartments on the first floor, scream, call for help. If the criminal managed to follow you into the Elevator, try to block the doors and the movement of the cab by simultaneously pressing the "stop" and "call"buttons. If you don't have time to do this, but the Elevator is moving up, and you hear voices on the stairs, you can raise the noise and call for help. If, when exiting the Elevator, you see people on the platform, you can again turn to them for help, if they are not accomplices of the robber. But if you can't get help, you'll have to give up your wallet and jewelry. And to leave quietly, without hysteria, without provoking the criminal to use weapons or physical violence. Money and valuables are a lucrative business. Health and life are the most important things.

Children and violence

Children, often young girls, are often the target of sexual violence. In a modern city, adolescent boys are not guaranteed against such violence.

From early childhood, a child should know that people are different, and you should only communicate with those you know. Police in many countries consider it mandatory for any child to have four "NO" laws:

– never talk to a stranger;

– never get in a car with a stranger;

– never play on the way home from school;

– never walk after dark.

A stranger may call him by name, say that he came at the request of his mother, may invite him to watch cartoons or offer him candy. But if the person is a stranger to the child, he must refuse all offers and in case of danger shout: "I don't know him! "Parents need to impress upon the child that they will never, under any circumstances, send a stranger to school, home, or yard to pick him up. If such a person approaches, no matter who they say they are, they should immediately run to a public place, call their parents, or contact a police officer.

Very often, good parenting prevents children from acting decisively in a moment of danger, so explain to the child the concept of "the right to necessary defense" and tell them that you will not be angry if they start being rude, lying, shouting loudly, hitting and biting when they are molested by a stranger.

Require children to:

– so that when leaving the house, they always tell you where they are going and how to contact them if necessary;

– to avoid casual acquaintances, invitations to unfamiliar companies;

– that before leaving the guests, theater, etc. call home and warn about it;

– to avoid entering the entrance and Elevator with strangers,

React to any noise in the entrance, on the porch, at the house, if you are waiting for your daughter or son to return. If a daughter or son has been the victim of sexual abuse, both parents should unconditionally Express their sympathy, understanding and support to the child in all ways, as you would in the case of any other misfortune. Even if you think that your daughter is to blame, do not tell her this, because she has already been punished enough for her frivolity. Often teenagers hide cases of sexual violence from their parents. Let them know that you are on their side no matter what – it will be a great relief for the child.

Don't stop the teenager from expressing his feelings: anger and resentment, pain and bitterness. Do not interfere with crying, shouting, stamping your feet. Be attentive and sympathetic listeners. In any case, do not respond with claims and reproaches. Often the girl blames herself for what happened. Let her know that, regardless of her behavior, there can be no justification for violence against another person. Do not force your daughter to tell you the details of what happened until she wants to share them. And if she talks about it, let her know that you value her trust very much.

If you feel that your daughter is deeply traumatized by what happened, contact an experienced psychologist or psychotherapist. Whether or not to turn to the help of the law, the girl herself must decide. Don't push for retribution if she doesn't want to go back to the details of the rape and involve outsiders in the story.

How to avoid sexual violence

Household etiquette in Russia in the XIX century prescribed a young lady, under no pretext to stay alone with a young man. The interview can only take place in the presence of a witness. If another guest comes to the lady, the nurse or the sitter can leave them, but later the men must leave together. As we can see, the essence of this recommendation coincides with the most important rule of safe behavior: to anticipate and avoid situations of increased risk. Police statistics show that the main threat of rape comes from a violation of etiquette, and not from a violent maniac: about 70% of victims were familiar with the criminals, and 22% met them on the day of the crime.

In most cases, the victims behaved recklessly. For example, they drank alcohol with a potential rapist, agreed to get into a car, and went to a deserted place or an unfamiliar apartment without being forced to do so. By the way, about 25% of rapes are committed in parks, gardens and squares, and 35% in apartments. Parents should know that girls aged 14-17 are twice as likely to be victims of their friends as girls aged 18-23.

How to avoid sexual violence? First of all, girls need to remember simple tips.

Beware of young people who are openly looking for close contact, who stand or sit too close to you, keep their eyes on your legs or chest, touch you more compulsively than you would like, or against your will. Put such a person down at once firmly and definitely.

It is better not to get involved with guys, teenagers, leading a street lifestyle. They often push each other into sexual violence to prove their "masculinity".

Know that in a huge number of cases, just your consent to go to a restaurant is regarded by men as a sure sign that you understand what is going on, and do not have anything against it. Subsequent resistance, if it occurs, is perceived as a ritual game ("so that the girl is not ashamed").

If you are invited to an apartment, for example, under the pretext of "meeting your mother", and you hear music and see men there, you should just fly out the door. And don't be shy about being careful. Any misunderstanding normal people will understand and forgive.

In a situation of sexual coercion, your response should be quick and unambiguous, with no signs of hesitation. And do not be afraid of noise or scandal, say, at a party – a few minutes of public embarrassment is better than the risk of rape. In General, it is safe to go to a large company only with reliable friends, do not lose sight of each other and leave together. As a rule, you can successfully avoid rape in one of three ways: run away, fight back, or call for help. These actions tell the rapist that you are resisting in earnest, not for show,and can chill him.

Sometimes passive methods of resistance help: persuasion, attempts to awaken the conscience of the rapist, to soften or intimidate (pretend to be crazy or hysterical, lose consciousness, say that you have a venereal disease, and so on).

In the memo of the American public organization "Women in the fight against the threat of rape" there is a recommendation to try to cause the rapist a feeling of disgust. Distorted ugly face (simulation of a nervous TIC), artificially induced vomiting on oneself, etc. - these methods have already saved many women from being attacked on the street. By the way, contrary to popular belief, in very few cases (only 7% of rapes), the attack occurs on the street.

In conclusion, we recall that a super-short skirt, a tight blouse, bright cosmetics and defiant behavior are the surest ways to arouse the interest of the criminal.

(Based on the materials of В. Жаворонков. Методическое пособие. Азбука безопасности в чрезвычайных ситуациях).


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