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One of the "closest friends" of a person, a dog, is sometimes used for nefarious purposes. Unfortunately, there were such cases, and we felt it our duty to say a few words about protection from dogs.

A trained dog is psychologically attuned to the fact that by its very appearance it should inspire fear and respect. Therefore, you should not run away from the beast attacking you. Turn to face him, take a steady position and, if you are confident in your physical data, rush to meet the dog. As we have already mentioned, most dogs are trained to run away from the enemy, so, as a rule, they do not withstand such psychological pressure and bounce away. Then, using the available means of protection: a bag, umbrella, stick, stones, etc., slowly retreat to the shelter with your back (Fig. 1).

Leaning your back against the wall, fence, shout to attract the attention of others. If there is time and opportunity, wrap the forearm of your hand with a jacket, raincoat, or any thick fabric. Putting the forearm forward and protecting the neck and face from being bitten, try to provoke the dog to bite the wrapped hand. After that, strike a fist from top to bottom on the nose of the dog. As a rule, after a good blow, the dog's upper jaw breaks.

The dog throws itself on your chest (Fig. 2). With a bent forearm, push the animal away, while simultaneously grabbing the hind leg with the second hand (Fig. 3). Grab the dog to hit the knee, trying to break the spine (Fig. 4).

The dog throws itself on your chest (Fig. 5-6).

The forearm of the left hand, wrapped in a jacket, is directed to the dog's mouth, the second free hand is wrapped around the nape of the neck (Fig. 7).

Pushing off with your feet, try to fall on the dog without letting go of the grip (Fig. 8). Squeezing the grip, hold the choke.

The dog attacks from behind, jumping on the shoulders (Fig. 9). Make a somersault forward, continuing its movement (Fig. 10-11). After knocking the animal off its back, stand on its feet, and then perform the actions indicated in the previous techniques. When biting the dog's forearm, wrapped in a pre-jacket, a blow with the other hand on the nose is very effective (Fig. 12).

Despite the popular opinion about the fighting qualities of elite dogs, in our opinion, the most dangerous are large yard dogs. Their behavior is not predictable, so to repel the attack of these animals should be taken seriously. The situation worsens if the dogs attack in a pack. You need to know that each pack has its own leader, this is usually the largest and most aggressive animal. A successful attack on the leader stops the entire pack.

A few words about the child's behavior when meeting a dog:

- do not make sudden movements, even if the dog has bitten;

- not run;

- if the dog is knocked down, fall on your stomach, cover your neck with your hands.

(Based on the materials of Г.Я. Гуров Ю.В. Засечный А.Н. Иванов А.В. Чежути «Азбука защиты от преступников»: МКП «Ассоциации-Олимп»; Москва; 1992).

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