City survival basics

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If you were at a rally, follow these recommendations:

- do not stand near garbage containers, bins, strollers, unattended suitcases – often in these places explosives are laid by forces seeking to destabilize the situation at the rally;

- do not be near the stage or the place where the speakers are speaking – these places are under the close attention of the police and militant elements, as well as in the event of a stampede, confusion to retreat from these positions is more difficult;

- film and photo equipment attracts the attention of extremist elements. At best, your equipment will be broken, and at worst, you will suffer;

- it is very dangerous to be near police officers, because they are usually targeted by the crowd's discontent, and stones are thrown at them;

- if the police started an operation to disperse the crowd-do not lose your calm and composure. If you start running for your life, you may be mistaken for one of the instigators. In the confusion, you can't prove anything to anyone. Therefore, stand still, do not shout, do not make movements that may be perceived as aggressive. Use your whole appearance to Express peacefulness – this will be the best guarantee that the police will not touch you when you disperse. In such cases, and, however, always, it is useful to have an ID card with you this can save you from being detained by the police before " finding out your identity";

- unconventional methods will help you get out of a stationary crowd: pretend to be sick, drunk, pretend to be sick, etc.;

- if the crowd is in motion, it is dangerous to be near glass storefronts, walls of buildings, trees. Pressed against them by the crowd you can get seriously injured;

- in a moving crowd, the main thing is not to fall, so it is better to follow the direction of the crowd and try to be in the center of it (there is more room for maneuver, air, time to think). And if you have any bulky things-a suitcase, backpack, large bags, it is better to throw them, as they can cause your fall;

- in case of a crush, you need to press your arms bent at the elbows to your chest – this way you can absorb the pressure of the crowd and protect yourself from being squeezed;

- if you fall in a moving crowd, you must immediately get up, using all possible means-otherwise you will be trampled. To do this, you can use the following technique: quickly get on all fours, put your supporting leg as far forward as possible and, without bending it, rise sharply under the pressure of the crowd. Or try to curl up in a ball, protecting your head with your forearms and hands, covering the back of your head. Once in a place where several people fell on top of each other, try to get out at all costs, without exposing yourself to the danger of suffocation under a pile of bodies;

- when using tear gas, you can protect yourself with the following methods: close your mouth and nose with a handkerchief dipped in any liquid; if the eyes were affected, you must blink quickly and often to wash the tears with a chemical agent. In any case, it is best to leave the place where the gas is used.

(based on the materials of «Энциклопедии безопасности» Громова В.И. и Васильева Г.А., Москва, 1998)


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