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The vast majority of small-scale theft occurs in crowded places: in stores, at fairs, markets, bus stops, and on public transport. In the crowd, the thief stealthily pulls a wallet out of his back pocket, "where money should never be kept."

Even the inside pocket of a jacket is not a safe place if it is not fastened. This also applies to women with handbags over their shoulders, the locks of which are easy to open or they simply do not exist. When a woman is trapped in a crowd, the purse slips out of her control, becoming easy prey for robbers.

Railway stations, queues at ticket offices, boarding the train, passing in the car and compartment are places that are often chosen by thieves. It is enough to put a suitcase on the ground to look at the train schedule, get out of the compartment, distract yourself for a while when the train stops, to remain without Luggage or wallet.

In large Department stores, you can sometimes see women leave their shopping carts and go to pick up something on the shelves. This habit must be abandoned.

A small-time thief always works in pairs, and sometimes with a group. The technique is always the same. In a crowded place, the criminal begins to "accidentally push". When the victim is no longer" susceptible " to being pushed, he puts his hand in his pocket or purse and does his job.

The operation is lightning fast. The prey passes to the partner, who immediately moves away from the victim, who most often becomes a housewife, an elderly woman, a sick, lonely or absent-minded person.

The pickpocket usually acts for sure, because he saw money taken from the savings book or the contents of the wallet during payment at the checkout of the store.

It happens that one partner first tries to distract the victim, while the other steals it. Often the partner is a woman with a prepossessing appearance.

If you managed to "figure out" the master of petty theft, you can go on the attack yourself: by looking at him closely, you can make it clear that his intentions are guessed. Without a doubt, it will move away.

To avoid the risk of being robbed, keep valuables in the inner pocket of a jacket, trousers or skirt with a zipper. Of course, various changes in your own clothing, made by you, will help to protect yourself from unpleasant incidents.

When it happens to travel with a large amount of money, you should not keep them all together. Of course, you need to leave some of the money on hand for various needs or appetites of possible robbers, thus eliminating even more trouble.

When transporting precious items, keep them with you, and in order to deceive the criminal, take another bag with things that are not of value. Even better, if you have someone to accompany you.

Here are some more tips:

- when going shopping for a large amount or getting money from a savings Bank (at the post office), ask your relatives or friends to accompany or insure you;

- when paying for expensive purchases, use Sberbank checks or credit cards for non-cash payments;

- carry wallets and valuables in closed bags (in a briefcase) or use internal jacket pockets, business card bags; do not use fashionable belt pockets for storing money;

- keep large and small money in different places, when paying for purchases, do not attract the attention of others to the contents of your wallet, attach the wallet inside the bag on a light and strong chain or otherwise;

- pickpocketing happen most often when you visit major shopping areas and markets in queues in crowded public transport, at railway stations. Therefore, when you are in a crowd, be especially careful and cautious;

- if you are not alone, ask your companion to protect you when choosing a product or give him your bag;

- when in a crowd, hold the bag in your hands so that it cannot be opened or cut from the bottom or side with a blade;

- always carry a whistle or pocket siren;

- pay attention to people who try to get closer to you, stand behind or to the side, snuggle or distract your attention;

- pickpockets often resort to various tricks to lull the vigilance of a pre-selected victim (use fortune tellers, pretend to be deaf-mutes, ask to change large bills, bring things, show the way, etc.), so be careful when trying to stop you and start a conversation;

- when traveling on public transport, try not to fall asleep or forget yourself, for example, do not read while driving, do not look at the window if your bag or suitcase is on the floor;

- avoid standing near the door in transport, as here you can snatch the bag from your hands by one of the exiting passengers;

- pickpockets rely on the dexterity of their hands, your carelessness and indifference of people to others, often leaving their victims (especially women and the elderly) without means of livelihood, so be attentive to people, warn them if you notice an impending theft. Help others, and you will be helped in a similar situation.

(based on the materials of «Энциклопедии безопасности» Громова В.И. и Васильева Г.А., Москва, 1998)


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