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You can live according to the morality of non-resistance to evil and violence, turning your right cheek after you hit on the left, but you need to remember: evil that has not been repulsed will create even greater evil.

We are deeply convinced that a person's thinking should correspond to the challenges of our time, of which one of the most important is to ensure personal safety. We propose to customize your life in accordance with the rhythms of a rapidly changing world. This is exactly what the SBOR system concept is aimed at.

To understand the present, you need to take an impartial look at the past, only after that you can predict the future. In the SBOR system, we combined hand-to-hand combat and shooting with single basic movements, which simplified their study. In addition to this, the historical and psychological parts of the system, being essentially inseparable, fill the entire active motor component with meaning and spiritual content.

Even when it comes to such applied things as the combat system, inevitably one has to touch upon the issues of philosophy, religion and mentality. We created a system based on the history and traditions of Russian martial art, comparing, synthesizing, and sometimes opposing everything that came to us from the West and the East.

Fans of foreign martial arts, claiming that Russia has never had its own martial arts, are blind or twisted, not wanting to see battles and battles, numerous trials, from which our people emerged victorious with stronger fortitude and new fighting skills.

We hope that we will be able to arm our readers with the knowledge that we own ourselves.

Knowledge is the main value, it is impossible to lose it, no one will take it away or steal it. We wish them to turn into stable habits and skills that will definitely change your destiny for the better!

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