Hand-to-hand combat basics

Breadcrumbs EN

In the presented lessons, we look at some self-defense actions in various everyday situations and give general recommendations for getting out of them.

There can be a great many situations themselves, and it is impossible to illustrate them all, and it is not necessary. If there is a General readiness of a person to respond adequately to a threat, it is enough to own our system of building movements at the basic level.

The opponent made a capture lying down with the use of a painful technique (lever) on the elbow joint (Fig. 1).

For the speedy release from the grip should be tight to grab the attacker by the hair (eye, nose) and, while a blow (in this case) the knee of the left leg in the interscapular space, sharply bend the head in the opposite stroke direction (Fig. 2).

Then, continuing to use the hair grab to influence the opponent and twisting to the left with the entire body, turn the opponent over (Fig. 3). After the coup, it is advisable to strike a diversionary blow, in the proposed version, in the area of the sleepy triangle (Fig. 4). Then, depending on the situation, make a binding with a belt, rope, or just run away.

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